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Digital Double for the GREAT Britain campaign

Jason Bruges Studio and Benchmark
Design, production management and installation on site

The “Digital Double” of the most recognisable door in the world was a co-creation of Jason Bruges Studio and Benchmark, leading designers and master craftsmen. Specialist responsive LED technology designed by Jason Bruges Studio is embedded in the bespoke door.


The installation will go on an international tour, supporting the GREAT Britain campaign, highlighting the UK’s historical heritage while showing off the country’s craftsmanship, creative talent and technical know-how.


Sean Sutcliffe, Benchmark commented,


“This project represents the coming together of the best of craftsmanship, creativity and technology – where Britain excels. The digital double gives a light-hearted and interactive focus on these skills. British craftsmanship is world-leading and truly becomes viable when we add the values of design and technology.”


See the 'making of' movie in VIDEOS

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