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The Store x SOHO House Berlin

Store fittings and furniture, juice bar and workspace by Benchmark
Concept design to delivery with Benchmark

The store at Soho House Berlin is a new retail concept designed by Alex Eagle offering just about everything a a creative professional might want under one roof: a place to work, to play and to indulge in a bit of spending. The most unique feature is that it doesn’t feel – or function – like a shop.  It is furnished like a home but everything is for sale from the candle burning to the record playing to the sofa you sit on.

Designed using an ecletic palate of materials, Benchmark made furniture for throughout the store - the bar in the Store Kitchen; a bespoke version of our Angus  Desk with  integrated copper lighting for the work space; burr oak display tables, mirrors, display plinths and brass hanging rails for the fashion space; and even a ping pong table amd DJ station for the play space.

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